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Why we use Notion at our Steel Detailing Firm

As a company that fully embraces EOS (The Entrepreneur Operating System), we are kind of obsessed with structure and organization. That's why we use Notion, an online application that provides components such as notes, databases, Kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders. Individuals and businesses use Notion to create knowledge management, note taking, data management, project management, etc.

Notion Organizes Your Business

Notion provides us with a different hub for each department with their independent information and tools that still links all together at a leadership level. We run our meetings, store Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for our processes, log checking scores on detailing packages, keep marketing brainstorm ideas, host a PTO calendar and employee manual and so much more with Notion.

Notion is Easy to Use

Notion has to be one of the greatest tools ever invented. Its simplicity and power set it apart from others like Google Docs or Evernote when it comes to organizing information. Whether you need to organize meeting notes, an employee directory, a project database or even a company Wiki, Notion puts the power in your hands to create some truly amazing things for your team.

Need some help?

If you are a fellow EOS company and are interested in running your L10 meetings with Notion, get in touch with X Steel's own Curtis Gallipo for some sweet templates to make the process a little easier.

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