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Looking for Engaged and Connected High Performers 

We are a fast-paced team of high performers that work extremely hard, but also know how to have a great time. We serve several different clients distributed across the US and we embrace technology and the latest tools to work most efficiently with a distributed team. We have a central office, but the majority of our team is remote. 

What we offer

  • Flexible Work Arrangement - work from home, home office, shared office space, coffee shop…no need to commute or relocate

  • Startup technology allowance

  • Competitive salary and benefits package as full time w-2 employee.

  • Encouraging work “environment”. We strive to define well the ways you can win at your job and provide feedback. 

  • Conference Allowance for continuing education and networking opportunities

What we are looking for

  • Focus and Discipline are key, you have to be able to manage your own time first to be able to effectively serve someone else. 

  • Embraces technology and willing to make changes to best serve our clients. 

    • Exceptional computer skills and ability to learn new programs

  • Highly organized

  • Team player = No Jerk Policy

  • Humble - Willing to admit areas that you need work on. 

  • You must have a dedicated workspace free from distraction. It should look and feel professional. 

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Current openings

Project Manager (Remote Position)

Oversee detailing process from Signed proposal to Submittal 

Looking for a talented, motivated self starter to work in a fast paced environment. You would be responsible for juggling several different steel detailing projects simultaneously and making decisions in order to move the project forward. You must be great at communicating with clients and co-workers in order to work toward the common goal of moving the project towards completion and exceeding the client’s needs. You would need to be highly organized, very tech savvy and have the strange but highly valuable skill of maintaining inbox zero in email and our project management system. You would be responsible for passing information between different parties. 

What winning looks like in this role 

  • Consistently meeting due dates on submittals

  • “Clearing your plate” most days = finishing the days work.

  • Focus on Impressing client with ability to "Go above and beyond" to meet their needs

  • Creating repeat work from clients.

  • Learning and suggesting new skills and methods to enhance our company’s processes.

Checker (Remote Position)

Primarily Quality Control in our Detailing Process

Looking for a talented checker with a minimum of 5 years checking structural and misc steel projects. You must be familiar with BlueBeam software and capable of checking projects using BlueBeam software. You must be a great communicator with co-workers in order to move the project forward. This role requires someone with impeccable attention to detail and the skill of finding things that others may have missed. Experience with SDS/2 software is a plus. 

What winning looks like in this role 

  • Staying on track and completed assigned checking tasks

  • Consistently meeting due dates on assigned checking tasks

  • Project finishes without any back-charges

  • Bringing new ideas to the table in improving our checking process

  • Training our detailers how not to make the same mistakes 

  • Learning new skills from conferences